Snow Expected

Weekend Snow -

Weather reports indicate that snow accumulation and low temperatures are expected this weekend.  Snow removal crews will be onsite if accumulation reaches the minimum trigger depth for your community.   Be cautious when out and about walking pets or simply enjoying the Colorado weather as conditions may be hazardous.

Winter Watering!!!


As we continue to experience warm, dry temperatures, winter watering in Colorado is necessary.  Keeping the new trees alive is imperative and required to continue with the Tree Share Program offered through the Town.  Winter watering is recommended to prevent root damage of the lawns and perennials.  Be sure to only water when the soil and air temperatures are above 40°F.  Water in the morning hours so the water has enough time to saturate before the evening hours when the temperatures drop. **If you are not able to assist by watering the tree near your unit, contact a neighbor or Foster Management so alternate plans can be made.


Tree Removal Scheduled ~ 12/01/2017

During a walk through with an arborist, it was determined that a few of the Aspen Trees within the community are no longer viable and should be removed. The Board has contracted with Left Hand Tree & Landscape to complete the work.  The removal has been scheduled for Friday, December 1st at 9AM. Homeowners directly affected will be receiving a notice in the mail shortly and are asked to remove vehicles from driveways.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Foster Management Directly.

Annual Homeowners Meeting Reminder

Your Annual Homeowners Meeting is scheduled for November 28th and will be held at the Erie Community Center—450 Powers St. If you are NOT able to attend this very important meeting for your community, please complete the PROXY and return it to Foster Management no later than November 27th – Email, FAX or Mail.



OrganoLawn Fertilizer Application – 10/5

OrganoLawn will be at the Huntley Creek Community on October 5th to apply Fertilizer to the turf areas. Homeowners do not need to be home during this time and should you have questions, please contact Foster Management.

This application is a 100% organic slow release organic fertilizer. The fertilizer will NOT burn or damage your lawn, but the fertilizer will NOT be activated until it receives either natural precipitation or irrigation.  Everything in this product is considered edible and this product has no requirement for staying off the lawn; however, if you want to be extra careful it is recommended to stay off the lawn until it has been watered. 


Notice from Anadarko

A notice received from Anadarko is available for your review – NOTICE .  This notice included an invitation to a Community Forum on Wednesday, 9/27/17 from 5pm-7pm at the Erie Community Center (450 Powers St).  Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Anadarko Colorado Response Line 1-866-248-9577 or email

Organic Weed Control Application

OrganoLawn will be in the Huntley Creek Community on Thursday, August 31st to apply weed control in the rock areas. Avenger is OMRI approved, is made from oranges and is an organic alternative to products like Roundup.  

You do not need to do anything to prepare your landscape prior to our arrival unless the weeds and grasses in your mulch / rock beds are taller than 6 inches in height.  If they are taller than 6 inches you need to weed whack or cut them down to be smaller as the Avenger weed control is not very effective against tall weeds.

Avenger Weed Control is to treat for weeds and grasses in non-turf areas like rock beds, mulch gardens, and driveway cracks.  Note: Weeds in the lawns are not treated with this product.  Within 6 hours after the application, you will notice dry and crispy looking weeds and grasses.  This product has no requirement for staying off the treated areas; however, if you want to be extra safe it is suggested to keep off the treated area until it is dry.  Please note that weeds that are in full shade or weeds with waxy protective coatings may be slower to die and might require additional applications for full control.