Annual Homeowners Meeting Reminder

Your Annual Homeowners Meeting is scheduled for November 28th and will be held at the Erie Community Center—450 Powers St. If you are NOT able to attend this very important meeting for your community, please complete the PROXY and return it to Foster Management no later than November 27th – Email, FAX or Mail.



OrganoLawn Fertilizer Application – 10/5

OrganoLawn will be at the Huntley Creek Community on October 5th to apply Fertilizer to the turf areas. Homeowners do not need to be home during this time and should you have questions, please contact Foster Management.

This application is a 100% organic slow release organic fertilizer. The fertilizer will NOT burn or damage your lawn, but the fertilizer will NOT be activated until it receives either natural precipitation or irrigation.  Everything in this product is considered edible and this product has no requirement for staying off the lawn; however, if you want to be extra careful it is recommended to stay off the lawn until it has been watered. 


Notice from Anadarko

A notice received from Anadarko is available for your review – NOTICE .  This notice included an invitation to a Community Forum on Wednesday, 9/27/17 from 5pm-7pm at the Erie Community Center (450 Powers St).  Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Anadarko Colorado Response Line 1-866-248-9577 or email

Organic Weed Control Application

OrganoLawn will be in the Huntley Creek Community on Thursday, August 31st to apply weed control in the rock areas. Avenger is OMRI approved, is made from oranges and is an organic alternative to products like Roundup.  

You do not need to do anything to prepare your landscape prior to our arrival unless the weeds and grasses in your mulch / rock beds are taller than 6 inches in height.  If they are taller than 6 inches you need to weed whack or cut them down to be smaller as the Avenger weed control is not very effective against tall weeds.

Avenger Weed Control is to treat for weeds and grasses in non-turf areas like rock beds, mulch gardens, and driveway cracks.  Note: Weeds in the lawns are not treated with this product.  Within 6 hours after the application, you will notice dry and crispy looking weeds and grasses.  This product has no requirement for staying off the treated areas; however, if you want to be extra safe it is suggested to keep off the treated area until it is dry.  Please note that weeds that are in full shade or weeds with waxy protective coatings may be slower to die and might require additional applications for full control. 


Pruning and Removal of Trees

Trees previously scheduled to be pruned on July 10th were not completed due to the severity of damages and possible damages to the property and buildings.  The trees in question are located adjacent to Huntley Creek, on property owned by RTD.  Arborists have been consulted and it was determined that the trees on the East side/RTD Property will be removed in an effort to mitigate any future damage or liability.  While the shade and beauty of the trees will certainly be missed, assuring future safety of the homes and property is critical. The Board will be working with the Town of Erie to plant new trees along the East side of the property affected by the removal, as soon as possible.

Organo-Lawn Weed Application ~ August 15th

Please be advised that a treatment of the common area turf will be applied on Tuesday, August 15th.  Organo-Lawn will be applying the One Earth Weed & Feed with Iron.  If there are personal items on or near the lawn like potted plants, gardening tools, dog toys, etc., please remove immediately.  Be sure to remember to keep your pets inside on the day of the application. The product contains molasses and is sticky and therefore highly recommended that you and pets stay off of the lawn for 1-4 hours after the application. This will allow for the product to dry completely.

Notes on this service:

  • Application is for the turf only - weeds in the rocks are to be “hand pulled” by homeowners.
  • One Earth Weed Control gets a 80-90%+ control rate on dandelions.
  • This product is 100% organic and is not toxic to people or pets
  • Remove debris from lawn
  • You do not need to be home for this service

One Earth Weed Control is a 100% organic post emergent selective weed control and fertilizer.  In laymen terms this means it is 100% organic and will kill weeds in the lawn without killing the grass. Please to learn more about One Earth Weed and Feed with Iron

Pruning Scheduled for July 10th

Please note that the very large trees in the adjacent property to the East owned by RTD will be pruned.  This should not impede on any owners in the Huntley Creek Community, should you have any questions, contact Foster Management.