Organo Lawn Organic Weed Control – 6/27/2018

Service Date: 6/27/2018 
Program: Gold – One Earth 
Service: One Earth Weed and Feed with Iron in Turf

Notes on this service:

Please be advised that the first treatment of the season is currently scheduled for Wednesday June 27th.  Organo-Lawn will be applying the One Earth Weed & Feed with Iron.  If there is debris on or near the lawn like potted plants, gardening tools, dog toys, etc., please clean these up before their arrival.  Be sure to remember to keep your pets inside on the day of the application. The product contains molasses and is sticky so it is highly recommended that you and pets stay off of the lawn for 12 hours after the application. This will allow for the product to dry completely.

Notes on this service:

  • This application is rain proof within 10-30 minutes after the application
  • One Earth Weed Control gets a 80-90%+ control rate on dandelions.
  • This product is 100% organic and is not toxic to people or pets
  • Remove debris from lawn
  • The weeds will turn black when they are dying
  • You do not need to be home for this service

One Earth Weed Control is a 100% organic post emergent selective weed control and fertilizer.  In laymen terms this means it is 100% organic and will kill weeds in the lawn without killing the grass. Please visit to learn more about One Earth Weed and Feed with Iron.