Weed Control – Application for Rocks Scheduled

Service Date: 5/11/2018
Program: Gold – One Earth
Service: Avenger Weed Control for Rock and Mulch Areas

Notes on this service:

•         Cut weeds down below 6” tall if they are overgrown
•         100% organic weed control for rock and mulch beds
•         Shaded areas may take longer to see control

•         Shaded areas may take longer to see control
•         You DO NOT need to be home for this service

Avenger is OMRI approved, is made from oranges and is an organic alternative to products like Roundup.  

You do not need to do anything to prepare your landscape prior to our arrival unless the weeds and grasses in your mulch / rock beds are taller than 6 inches in height.  If they are taller than 6 inches you need to weed whack or cut them down to be smaller as the Avenger weed control is not very effective against tall weeds.

We will be applying a product called Avenger Weed Control to treat for weeds and grasses in non-turf areas like rock beds, mulch gardens, and driveway cracks. 

Within 6 hours after the application you will see dry and crispy looking weeds and grasses.  We only apply this product if the daytime temperatures are above 40 degrees and we might need to reschedule the application if it is not warm enough to treat your rock and mulch areas.  The hotter and the more direct the sunlight the area receives the faster the weeds and grass will die.  This product has no requirement for staying off the treated areas; however, if you want to be extra safe we suggest keeping off the treated area until it is dry.  Please note that weeds that are in full shade or weeds with waxy protective coatings may be slower to die and might require additional applications for full control. 

Visit https://www.organolawn.com/weed-controls/Avenger to learn more about Avenger Weed Control.